Supply Chain Management for the Offshore Wind Industry

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Focused on Quality, Safety, Environmental Awareness and Local Supply Chain Services, with Strategic Locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

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The Power of Offshore
Wind In the USA

80,000 +

Jobs possible by 2030

230 Gigawatts

of Production

$180 Billion

Growth until 2030
$100 billion just in Northeast

$1 Trillion

Potential growth until 2040

$2.8 Billion

in Annual Operating Support
Cost Requirement


Major Marshaling Ports and Up to
100+ Support Port Facilities

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Over 40 Projects Currently Approved
or Pending in the US

Predominantly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions


A transition to clean energy is about
making an investment in our future.”

Gloria Reuben
Transportation & Logistics

Land & Sea Multi-Modal
Factory to Site Location
Delivery Services

Complete Supply Chain Services

Multi-Modal Operations

Door-to-Door Services

Port to Marshaling

Marshaling to OSWE

  • New England Aqua Ventus 1
  • Bay State Wind
  • Vineyard Wind and Residual Lease Area
  • Equinor (MA)
  • Mayflower Wind Energy
  • Liberty Wind
  • Block Island wind Farm
  • South Fork
  • Revolution
  • Deepwater One North
  • Deepwater One South
  • Empire Wind
  • Fairways Noth Call Area
  • Fairways South Call Area
  • Hudson North Call Area
  • Hudson South Call Area
  • Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
  • Ocean Wind
  • Garden State Offshore Energy
  • Skipkack
  • U.S. Wind and REsidual Lease Area
  • Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind
  • Dominion
  • Kitty Hawk
  • Wilmington East WEA
  • Wilmington West WEA
  • Grand Strand Call Area
  • Winyah Call Ara
  • Cape Romain Call Area
  • Charleston Call Area
  • Icebreaker
  • Diablo Canyon Call Area
  • Morro Bay Call Area
  • Castle Wind
  • Humboldt Call Area
  • Redwood Energy
  • Oahu South Call Area
  • AWH Oahu
  • Progression
  • Oahu North Call Area
  • AWH Oahu

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Ocean & support vessels

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Logistics Management

Project Coordination

Port & Terminal Operations

Offshore Wind
Port & Terminal Operations

Offshore Wind Supply Chain
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